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Emergency & Trauma Unit

Emergency and Trauma refers to medical situations that require immediate and specialized care due to severe injuries or life-threatening conditions. These situations can arise from various causes, such as accidents, falls, gunshot wounds, burns, natural disasters, severe infections, or sudden medical emergencies like heart attacks or strokes. In medical terms, an emergency is a critical and time-sensitive situation that requires immediate attention to prevent further harm or potential loss of life.

Our expertise lies in responding the fastest way at times of accidents, heart attacks, paralytic strokes, and other such life-threatening circumstances. Our primary goal is to rapidly assess the patient’s condition, stabilize their vital signs and deliver appropriate medical interventions to 

manage their condition effectively. We have highly skilled healthcare professionals experienced, emergency physicians and trauma surgeons.

Our 24/7 Trauma Centre is a one-stop Accident Facility Centre, equipped to handle a range of medical crisis, from minor to critical emergencies, resuscitations in complex road traffic accidents.

When every second counts, trust our Emergency & Trauma Unit to be your steadfast ally. Call us immediately on 8839800123 and help is just a heartbeat away.